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  1. Helps you to sweat while workouts
  2. Helps to relax the stiff body muscles with the intense heat
  3. The suit is made from the rubber vinyl which can hold a huge quantity of sweat during several sporting activities.
  4. Helps to keep your body fit all the time even during in relaxing or sitting position.


Sauna Suit is not an ordinary suit; it is a specially designed suit that helps to burn calories by generating lot of heat. This lot of heat helps to flush out toxins and impurities of the body through the skin pores. These suits are specially designed to lower the body weight with the help of excessive perspiration. The best thing about this suit is that you can wear the suit during workouts or even in normal daily basis routines. As long as you wore the suit, you can experience a lot of sweat that helps to relax the body muscles with the help of excessive heat.

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