Inflatable Swimming Pool

  • Design Type: Four Square type box
  • Suitable for: Kids and adults
  • Weight of Product: 3500 Grams
  • Dimensions of Product when inflated: 120 x 72 x 22 Inches (Length x Width x Height)
  • Color Available: Combination of Blue and White



The popularity of inflatable pools has considerably increased in the present era and this growing trend hasn’t stopped yet. Perhaps the main reason for this growing trend is that inflatable pools provide a cheaper alternative to concrete-based pools. The other advantage of these pools is that these can be placed in almost any room or place in a home or other living place. All the users can even place this pool, even in their home’s backyard.

Swimming Pool is basically a type of large size inflatable pool that can be used even by the adults. This pool is crafted from the quality materials and it is made by wielding machine of the USA. One of the best features of this pool is that this pool can be taken and placed almost any living place in deflated form. These pools can also be used at the picnic spot.

The Inflatable Swimming Pool is made from the Poly Vinyl Chloride and poly vinyl chloride vinyl that usually lasts for years. This pool comes in a variety of appealing colors and at least one design will definitely meet your standards. This inflatable pool is actually designed for small size family, but it can also be used by 2, 3 adults simultaneously. It means all the adults can enjoy the quality time by splashing water to one another.

Please read the following lines to get more information on this topic:

  • First of all; you have to place the pool at the suitable place where you want to use the pool
  • In the next step, unfold the pool to its original size
  • In the next step, you have to attach the nozzle of the air pump with one section of the pool Please note that there are total three sections of this pool and you can inflate one or all three sections as per the user requirement
  • After you have finished inflating the sections of the pool, then you can fill the pool with the clean and fresh water
  • Please note that you do not need to fill the water near the edges of the pool, instead it is recommended to leave at least 2-3 inches distance from the top side
  • When you are finished, then you just have to deflate all the sections of the pool and all the water will spill away
  • Fold the pool and place it in a safer place for later use
  • You are done!

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