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Buy Super Clever Tongs Pack Of 2 in Pakistan

Combination of spatula and tongs
Flip, grab, hold, and scoop a wide variety of foods
Nonstick and resists heat
Cradle is made of silicone and frame is made from stainless steel
Pick up and hold food with the hammock/cradle design
Can rinse clean or wash in dishwasher



Super clever tongs Pack Of 2 perform double duty are always useful. Flip, cradle, grab or scoop with one tool to make cooking and serving your favorite foods easier. These sturdy stainless steel tongs combine the flip of a spatula and the squeeze of tongs. Clever tongs can best be described as a pair of kitchen tongs with a piece of flexible plastic connecting the two sides. This seemingly minor addition to the standard tong design is said to allow you to pick up food more easily as it provides a base through which food cannot fall. You use clever tongs the way you would use any standard set of tongs, however, you can use the spatula portion to scoop up food more easily. This allows you to scoop and squeeze in order to more firmly grip your food. The width of the tongs is about as wide as a slice of bread. If you need to flip food wider than that, you probably won’t be able to use clever tongs. The stainless steel frame is sturdy enough and you will never worry that it would be broken easily. They are perfect for scooping as well as clipping.

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