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Buy Electric Popcorn Maker in Pakistan

Open the transparent cover to the machine into the corn kernels. (This flavor popcorn machine can only do not put other spices, so just put a small corn on OK)
Replace the transparent cover and close the spoon handle.
Place the container in front of the popcorn machine popcorn exports to install.
about 2 – 3 minutes after the popcorn started blowing from the opening.
When the popcorn machine corn liner no explosion sound, should immediately turn off the switch. Remove the upper body (hot surfaces should be avoided to prevent burns), with hands around the lower body, the remaining popcorn into the container.
Add all kinds of condiments (jam, ketchup, butter, milk, etc.) you can eat.
If you continue to popcorn 2 times, then every burst must be spaced at least 10 minutes between flowers.



If you fancy a fun, tasty treat, this popcorn maker is ideal; simply add the kernels and wait 3 minutes for the popcorn, then enjoy. It has non-slip feet for safe operation, and a spout so the popcorn is easily released into a bowl placed underneath with no mess. Measuring 18l x 15w x 30.5h cm, the popcorn maker is conveniently sized so it will sit nicely on a table and is simple to store away. With 1200W power, 1 cup of kernels produces a bowl of popcorn and it comes with a measuring cup so you can make just the right amount. Make a gorgeous bowl of toffee popcorn by melting butter, brown sugar and gol.

This fantastic popcorn maker is perfect for making a quick snack or a bowl of popcorn to share with friends in front of a movie. Just use one cup of kernels using the measuring cup included and you can have delicious warm popcorn in just three minutes. An incredibly fast and efficient way to make popcorn for you and your friends, this popcorn maker is durable and easy to use, with an aluminium heat chamber which heats the kernels to create the popcorn using only hot air for tasty results.

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